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How COAERS is Addressing COVID-19 and Keeping your Benefits Secure

The City of Austin and the State of Texas have taken extraordinary actions to prevent the spread and impact of the Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, in the region. On March 24, 2020, the City of Austin joined a growing list of municipalities in the United States and across the world to issue a “Stay Home - Work Safe” order to protect our community's health. This measure requires all Austinites to stay at home, with exceptions for essential work and activities.

During this time, the City of Austin Employees’ Retirement System (COAERS) has been actively monitoring the rapid developments surrounding COVID-19. In response to the recommendations by the CDC and local authorities, COAERS has taken critical steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our valued members and our dedicated staff. While we adapt to this ever-changing situation, rest assured the COAERS team is here for you and working diligently to ensure the continuity of our service, and to deliver benefits on schedule.


COAERS Operations Update

COAERS is now offering in-person services on an APPOINTMENT-ONLY BASIS. At this time, walk-in appointments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Additionally, you can also schedule COAERS Virtual Visits - our secure, online one-on-one counseling sessions via video or telephone conference. Please visit our contact page at to request assistance or schedule an appointment.


Benefits Will be Paid on Time

Your benefits are secure. COAERS will maintain continuity of retirement benefit payments as scheduled and without interruption. Our staff is working diligently to ensure all retirees and payees receive retirement benefits on time.


COAERS Investments and Impact on the Fund

While global financial markets have experienced significant fluctuations, the COAERS Trust Fund is invested for the long-term. COAERS has a highly diversified portfolio designed to withstand market volatility. Our prudent and strategic approach serves the long-term interests of our members by consistently achieving best-in-class results.

COAERS member accounts and benefits are not affected by swings in the market. It is important to remember that market upheavals do not affect the retirement benefit that you have earned. As we navigate through the current cycle, our Investment staff is meticulously monitoring the markets and we will continue to uphold COAERS’ mission to provide reliable retirement benefits. You can find more information about our Investment Policies at


Information Security

COAERS continues to operate with the safety and security of your information in mind. As we work remotely, we want members to feel confident when sharing personal and confidential information through our secure file transfer portals. If you need to submit a form or document that contains personal or confidential information or have question about how to do so, please contact Member Services at (512) 458-2551 or to learn about our secure file transfer option.


Educational Seminars and Events

Members can register for virtual Pre-Retirement Seminars offered by COAERS. Please visit our events calendar page to register for the next scheduled virtual seminar. If you have any questions about retirement, please contact our Member Services team for assistance at (512) 458-2551 or



In the best interest of COAERS staff, members, and vendors, we have restricted all non-essential travel. Any travel deemed essential is being carried out with the utmost care and consideration.


Community Resources

The City of Austin and the State of Texas have important links and community resources available for residents to stay up to date on COVID-19.

For more information, please visit

For information about COVID-19 from the State of Texas, visit


We're Here for You

As always, the health and safety of the members of our community are our utmost priority. COAERS will continually monitor the COVID-19 situation and evaluate additional measures as needs arise. We will continue to communicate updates and changes here on our website at and on

We thank you for your understanding and patience.


Frequently Asked Questions about COAERS and COVID-19 Response

Is COAERS Open? 

COAERS is open and operating all business functions. At this time, our offices are open for in-person services on an appointment-only basis. Walk-in appointments will not be accepted at this time. 

There are many ways that you can reach us:

  • Our Member Services team is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm by contacting (512) 458-2551 or
  • COAERS Member Services will continue to process documents, forms and applications received by our secure file transfer portals. As we adhere to public health and safety guidelines, COAERS currently has limited access to documents sent via mail. If you have questions about sending forms or documents, please contact our Member Services.
  • Our website also includes resources and publications to help answer many of your questions. You can find helpful information about your membership, retirement, service purchases and planning for life events here: 
  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Publications
  3. Videos
Will I get my benefit payment on time? 

Yes. The COAERS team will continue to disburse benefit payments to current retirees and payees on schedule and without interruptions.

How can I ensure I get my benefit payment on time? 

COAERS highly encourages retired members to sign up for direct deposit of their monthly benefit payment. COAERS offers direct deposit to members to ensure that monthly benefit payments and refunds are securely delivered. Electronic transfers via direct deposit are efficient, reliable, safe, and eliminates the possibility of delayed payments or lost checks. While COAERS strives to provide timely monthly benefits to members, COAERS is not responsible for possible postal service or other delays or loss once your check is mailed.

How do I sign up for direct deposit? 

If you currently receive your monthly benefit payment by mail as a paper check and would like to sign up for direct deposit, please complete the form and return it to our Member Services team along with a copy of your current driver’s license or state ID to our office using one of the following methods:

How to Submit Your Direct Deposit Form:

If you have any questions about your benefit payment, please contact the COAERS Member Services team at (512) 458-2551 or

How do I schedule an appointment or counseling session? 

Our Member Services team will work with you to schedule any Virtual Visit appointments to be conducted via telephone or video conference, or you can schedule an in-person appointment for select services..
Please contact the COAERS Member Services team at (512) 458-2551 or for any information about scheduling an appointment. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Is it taking longer for COAERS to process member requests? 

There currently are no changes to the time it takes for a service retirement, disability retirement, service credit purchases, survivor benefit determinations or other member requests.

What if I’m a retiree who is considering going back to work, what do I need to know? 

During these unprecedented times in our city, state, and country, we appreciate your interest in serving the Austin community and your unwavering dedication to the City of Austin. If you’re a retiree and are thinking about getting back into the workforce with the City of Austin during this time, here are a few important things to remember:

Only the City of Austin can decide on the re-employment status of a retiree, so it is best to contact your supervisor or HR department liaison first to determine if you are eligible to help.

For more information about working after retirement, please visit

  • 1,508-hour limit -- To ensure that there is no impact on your retirement benefits, retirees seeking to return to work must adhere to the 1,508 hours of work during a rolling 12-month period, as defined by the COAERS statute.
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) applies to rolling hour limit -- If a retiree returns to work and receives paid leave under the FFCRA, those hours will be counted against the rolling 1,508-hour limit. 
  • No exceptions to rolling hours limit during COVID-19 response -- Whether you’re seeking to assist the City in the ongoing crisis and to return to part-time work, the rolling 1,508-hour limit still applies to retirees working part-time for the City after retirement.
  • For any retiree who returns to full-time work, your current pension benefits would be suspended until your full-time service ends. You can reapply for retirement to resume your benefits when your full-time service concludes. At that point, COAERS would recalculate your retirement benefit.

Only the City of Austin can decide on the re-employment status of a retiree, so it is best to contact your supervisor or HR department liaison first to determine if you are eligible to help.

For more information about working after retirement, please visit

How can I receive up-to-date information? 

The best way to receive the latest information for COAERS is to sign up for our email updates. Click here to sign up for updates.

City of Austin Retiree Medical Insurance Information Related to COVID-19 

The City of Austin, in partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Texas (BCBSTX), is closely monitoring the Public Health Emergency (PHE) for the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and have taken necessary steps to ensure members can easily access medical care related to COVID-19.

If you are currently enrolled in a City of Austin medical plan, you are covered for the following services. Please note that the dates may change as the Public Health Emergency is extended.

Have questions? Call (512) 974-3284


COVID-19 Testing

  • COVID-19 testing is covered at 100% on all City medical plans (CDHP, PPO & HMO) during the PHE. The current Public Health Emergency declaration is through October 13, 2022.

If enrolled on a City Medical Plan, Testing Resources Include:

  • Employee Health & Wellness Clinics, call 512-640-4997
  • Austin Public Health
  • Use a provider in the BCBS medical provider or COVID pharmacy network or call 888-907-7880 for help locating a provider

If you are not enrolled on a City medical plan, Testing Resources Include:

  • · Austin Public Health

For more information or to locate a testing site, contact Blue Cross at 1-888-907-7880 or your primary care physician.

The City of Austin will send updates if deadlines for coverage are extended. You can contact Blue Cross at 1-888-907-7880 or your primary care physician for more information.

For up-to-date COVID-19 information and resources, visit