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Retiree Return to Work

If you are rehired with the City of Austin and have an employment status other than a regular full-time employee, you can work up to 1,508 hours in any rolling 12-month period while receiving your retirement benefit. If the hours you work exceed 1,508 hours in any rolling 12-month period, your benefit payment will be suspended.

If you are under 55 years of age at retirement, you must wait 90 days after your retirement date to return to work, and you cannot have a pre-determined rehire agreement to return to work for the City. Otherwise, your benefit payment will be suspended for the duration of your reemployment.

If you choose to return to work full-time with the City and your monthly benefit payment is suspended, it will be recalculated when you retire again based on your combined service before and after your first retirement date. Then our actuary factors in the value of the payments you have already received. The benefit payment option and beneficiary you selected at your first retirement will remain the same and cannot be changed.

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