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Retirees, your 2021 IRS Form 1099-R is now in MemberDirect!

January 18, 2022

May contain: electronics, calculator, computer keyboard, computer, hardware, keyboard, and computer hardware

If you want to get a jumpstart on the coming tax season, you can now access and download your Form 1099-R through MemberDirect. Form 1099-R reports the taxable pension earnings for the 2021 tax year and provides information you'll need to complete your tax return. Retirees who received a payment from COAERS during 2021 will receive a Form 1099-R.

As a convenience to our members, a copy of the Form 1099-R has also be mailed to the address on file with COAERS. However, please be aware that the paper copy may not reach your mailbox until early February due to postal service delays. 

How to Access the Tax Document in MemberDirect

Visit to log on to your MemberDirect account, and click the 1099-R tab to view and download your Form 1099-R. If you don't have a MemberDirect account, you can enroll today by visiting our website, clicking the "Member Login/Registration" button and following the steps to sign up.

If you have any questions about accessing your 1099-R or need assistance with enrolling in MemberDirect, contact or call us at (512) 458-2551.