Active Members

The Active Member section of the website provides tools and resources for understanding your benefits and to help keep you informed on recent events and happenings, notices, articles of interest, and more.

Eligibility for Retirement
Your retirement benefits and eligibility date are determined in part by your retirement group, which is determined by your employment date. Click here to find out which retirement group you are under and how you reach eligibility.

Purchasing Service Credit
The primary way to obtain service credit is by working in a regular full-time position and making the mandatory contributions to the system. However, if you qualify, you can establish additional service credit by purchasing it. Click here for further information on service purchases. To estimate the cost of purchasing service credit, go to the Calculators link.

Requesting a Retirement Benefit Estimate
Click here to find a form that must be filled out to request an estimate of your retirement benefit.

Pre-Retirement Seminars
Seminars are held monthly. You must be within two years of retirement to register. Click here to take you to a link to sign up for upcoming pre-retirement seminars.

Retirement Checklist
Once you’ve made the decision to retire, you will need to schedule an appointment with a Specialist no earlier than 90 days prior to retirement and no later than the 15th of the month in which you plan on retiring. Click here for a checklist of items to gather and bring to your appointment.

COAERS Members Handbook
Click on this link to view valuable information on your Benefits, Retirement Options, and how Life Events can impact your benefits.

Death Benefit for Active Members
Should an active member die, the beneficiary/beneficiaries on file with COAERS will receive double the account balance if the member was not eligible to retire. If the member was eligible to retire, the spouse can retire in place of the member. If the member is close to retirement, they can choose to pre-select a survivor beneficiary option.

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