COAERS Request for Proposal - Custodial Bank

Request for Proposal:

Global Custody, Accounting, & Performance Services for City of Austin Employees' Retirement System


Purpose of RFP:

The City of Austin Employees' Retirement System (COAERS) has engaged RVK, Inc. to request responses from qualified custodians through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Services included within the scope of this solicitation are as follows:

  1. Custodial and Related Services for United States and Global Assets
  2. Potential future support for Alternative Investment Processing and Reporting
  3. Accounting and Reporting Services
  4. Performance and Analytics Services for Various Asset Portfolios /Composites



Questions Due:                      March 17, 2020

Q&A Responses Delivered:   March 24, 2020

Submission Deadline:            April 7, 2020

Bid Opening:                          April 13, 2020


Designated Contacts:   If interested in submitting a proposal, please call or email the following contacts.

Lindsey Longwell
Associate Consultant 
RVK, Inc.
1211 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 900
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 221-4200

Jonathan Kowolik
Senior Consultant, Principal
RVK, Inc.
One Penn Plaza, Suite 2131
New York, NY 10119
(646) 802-7081

Please do not contact staff of COAERS regarding this request and direct all
correspondence during the process in written format only to the contacts listed above.

The evaluation of RFPs submitted through this process will determine the finalist institution(s) selected for further due diligence and for potential presentation to the COAERS Investment Committee and Board for ultimate selection and approval.

COAERS is required to provide access to certain records in accordance with the provisions of the Public Information Act Chapter 552, Texas Government Code (PIA).  Respondents are hereby notified that requirements under PIA may apply to this RFP.



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