Active Member Places 6 & 7 Election

It's Time to Vote in the Active Member Election for Board of Trustees Places 6 & 7

Active members should be receiving their ballots in the mail for the COAERS active member election!  The ballot, as well as other information, is contained in a white envelope with a COAERS logo.  Three documents are enclosed:

1.  Ballot.   You will vote for 2 candidates on the ballot and then return it.  Ballots must be received no later than 5:00 pm December 2, 2019.

2.  Business Reply Envelope.  Use this envelope to return your ballot.  No postage is necessary.

3.  Candidate Statements.  This document contains information about each candidate, their experiences and qualifications, and their reason for wanting to serve on the COAERS Board of Trustees.

The following active-contributory members have been certified as candidates by the Nominating & Election Committee.  Candidate statements are provided below. English candidate statements have been copied verbatim from each candidate's application.   As a courtesy to our members, the candidate statements have also been translated into Spanish.  If there are differences between the English and Spanish statements, the English versions are the official versions.

In English:

En Espanol:

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