NOTICE OF NO CONTACT PERIOD General Investment Consultant Request for Proposal

December 15, 2016

COAERS is currently in a “No Contact Period” from the date of issuance of the General Investment Consultant Request for Proposal until a contract is executed or this solicitation is terminated.  During this period certain rules apply about the communication between Vendors, COAERS Trustees, and COAERS Staff.  Certain statements from COAERS Code of Ethics are reproduced below.  For a complete copy of the Code of Ethics contact COAERS.

During the No Contract Period, no prospective Vendor may knowingly make a Representation to any Trustee, and no Trustee may knowingly solicit a Representation from a prospective Vendor. This does not prohibit communications that: (a) are part of a noticed Board or committee meeting; (b) are conducted as part of a COAERS Staff-scheduled due diligence meeting; (c) are incidental, exclusively social, and do not involve COAERS or its business, or the Trustee’s role as a COAERS official; (d) are purely procedural, for example a question regarding where information may be obtained; or (e) do not involve COAERS or its business and that are within the scope of the Trustee’s private business or public office wholly unrelated to COAERS.  This does not prohibit communications between the Trustees and a Vendor who has an existing contract or business relationship with COAERS to discuss issues related to that contract or relationship.  A prospective Vendor's violation of this section may result in rejection of the Vendor's response to a Solicitation.

Representation” shall mean a communication related to a Solicitation made to a Trustee that is intended to or that is reasonably likely to (a) provide information about the Solicitation or a prospective Vendor's response to the Solicitation; (b) advance the interest of the prospective Vendor; (c) discredit the response to a Solicitation of another prospective Vendor; (d) encourage COAERS to withdraw the Solicitation; (e) encourage COAERS to reject all of the responses to a Solicitation; (f) convey an complaint about a particular Solicitation; or (g) directly or indirectly ask, influence, or persuade a Trustee to favor or oppose, recommend or not recommend, vote for or against, consider or not consider, or take action or refrain from taking act on any vote, decision, or agenda item regarding the Solicitation.

Trustees and COAERS Staff cannot accept from a prospective Vendor any gift, meal, lodging, transportation or entertainment. A prospective Vendor cannot provide a Trustee or COAERS Staff with any gift, meal, lodging, transportation or entertainment.

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