COAERS Board of Trustee Elections

Board Certifies Special Called Election - Place 7 Active Member Election

The Nominating and Election Committee met on January 19, 2018 to tabulate the ballots for the Active Member Special Election for Place 7.  The Board certified the election at their January 30, 2018 Board Meeting.  Amy Hunter was elected with 279 votes cast.  There were also four write-in candidates with one vote each.  The response rate was 3.1%.

The Nominating and Election Committee was commended for their dedication to this important process.

Board Certifies Election for Board of Trustees Places 8 & 9

Mr. Chris Noak was elected to Active Member Place 8 and Ms. Yuejiao Liu was elected to Active Member Place 9 on the COAERS Board of Trustees.  The Nominating and Election committee met on December 4, 2017 to tabulate the ballots for this election.  The Board of Trustees certified the results during their December 12, 2017 Board Meeting. Chris Noak received 466 votes to win Place 8 and Yuejiao Liu received 246 votes to win Place 9.  Mr. Lei Ye received 461 votes but was disqualified since by statute two employees from the same department may not serve on the Board. Ms. Amy Hunter received 238 votes and there were seven write-in candidates who received one vote each.  The response rate was 7.64%.

The Nominating and Election Committee was commended for their dedication to this important process.

General Information on Board Elections

Board elections are held every year for active and retired trustee positions and are overseen by a volunteer committee called the Nominating and Election Committee. Terms for elected board members are four years and the terms are staggered so that there is an active or retired place for election every two years. As an active employee, you have the opportunity to vote for peers running for active board positions. When you retire, you can vote for the retired positions. You can also be a candidate yourself for these positions.

The volunteer Nominating and Election Committee meets approximately four times in the election year: once to kick off the election season, next to review candidate qualifications, then prepare ballot, and lastly to tabulate votes. All meetings are held at the Retirement Office at 418 E. Highland Mall. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact Michelle Mahaini at

Candidate applications are submitted in September, with ballots mailed out in October and voting by December. The newly elected board member will begin their new term the upcoming January.


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